Binary Tree Launches SMART Directory Sync 4.5

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 9, 2016

KENDALL PARK, NJ: Earlier this week, the SMART Migration Company, Binary Tree launched the new version 4.5 of SMART Directory Sync. The product is a scalable, powerful and cost-effective way for enterprises to establish and maintain integration between multiple Active Directory environments. To synchronize multiple instances of Active Directory or to synchronize Active Directory with a Domino Directory, SMART Directory Sync is the best choice.

The SMART Directory Sync update version  4.5 includes true multi-threaded support, lightning-fast results by searching for matching criteria in a single LDAP query, Syncs user and group objects in parallel. It also improves performance by searching for group members in SQL before Active Directory and supports Microsoft SQL.

SMART Directory Sync offers organizations to synchronize in a multiple instances of Active Directory or synchronize Active Directory with a Domino Directory. The tool makes both directories aware of each other, and then syncs all mail-enabled objects such as users, contacts, distribution lists, shared mailboxes, passwords and much more. Flexibility of the tool extends up to cover virtually every directory synchronization scenario in large, complex environments makes the best-in-class product.

"In addition to supporting Active Directory migrations and Exchange migrations, there are a couple of other use cases for SMART Directory Sync. For example, you can use it to make substantial changes in a staging Active Directory area without affecting production. You can also use it to provide a unified, synchronized global address book of users who work in different public sectors or government agencies but who need to communicate as a unified entity," Gary Steere, Microsoft Office Servers and Services MVP, Certified Master, and Director of Product Strategy at Binary Tree.

In the contrary of other products in this space, SMART Directory Sync 4.5 is highly functional, flexible, and maintains a track record of scaling to meet the largest directories, while producing unparalleled performance, with an easy-to-use user interface that can be understood by a variety of organizational users.