Bing Leverages Interana's Behavioral Analytics Solution to Draw Actionable Insights
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Bing Leverages Interana's Behavioral Analytics Solution to Draw Actionable Insights

By CIOReview | Thursday, August 13, 2015

REDWOOD CITY, CA: In order to evaluate immense amount of clickstream event data, Microsoft Bing-a search engine platform has chosen behavioral analytics solution provider Interana. Clickstream is the recording of the action of user clicks on part of computer screen while they are browsing web. The data is recorded inside the web server, web browser, proxy server or ad server.

Behavioral analytics on clickstream event data is vital for web activity analysis, market research and software testing. In addition it unlocks the key information which enables companies calculate employee productivity and design right strategies to extend customer engagement.

Interana’s analytics enable enterprises to make advanced data informed decision that can help them for visual and interactive exploration. This is a full-stack solution which combines columnar storage backend, analytics layer and interactive visual frontend. It’s designed for event data at massive scale utilizing visual query builder that can instantly responds to queries regarding conversion, usage metrics and retention.

The Bing team will leverage Interana’s solution to analyze interactive agility of tasks like A/B testing, trend analysis, automated reporting and ad hoc exploration and discovery. Through Interana’s end-to-end self-service portal Bing professionals can quickly execute testing, optimize search engine and assess current features functionality. The strategic move by Bing will help company’s team to innovate data insight solutions it need for performance agility.

According to Ann Johnson, CEO, Interana, there solution facilitates Bing and other companies with insights for seasoned data scientists and ability to better understand customer’s preferences.