Biometric Signature ID Unveils its BioTect-ID - a Mobile Security App

By CIOReview | Tuesday, November 17, 2015

DALLAS, TX: In order to provide mobile security for Android and Apple devices, Biometric Signature ID raises curtains off the BioTect-ID on, which is new privacy- friendly alternative to physical biometrics for mobile security applications and virtual identity authentication. It uses gesture-based biometric to authenticate users instead of physical body part data.

Powered by the company’s patented software-only technology BioSig-ID, BioTect-ID identifies users by their unique drawing style as they write a four-character password with their finger. To defeat this security and attack the device, hackers would not only have to replicate the user’s drawing style exactly but also know their password.

With successful completion of third party testing by the Tolly Group found the BioTect-ID technology, BioTect-ID also complies with the National Institute for Standards for Technology (NIST) biometric accuracy standards.

“BioTect-ID is completely non-invasive,” says Jeff Maynard, CEO, Biometric Signature ID. “Physical biometrics like irises, fingerprints, and facial features are irreplaceable and gone forever if stolen. Drawing style is simply a gesture that can be revised or replaced any time. There’s no need to provide information about your body. We think that should stay private. Biometric identification will soon be a fact of life. As technologies compete, there is an urgent need for gesture biometrics like BioTect-ID which can’t be stolen, use no static physical information, and protect consumer body privacy without sacrificing accuracy.”

BioTect-ID’s integration of a biometric with password knowledge makes it a multi-factor authentication app in mobile security applications. Because its dynamic biometric passwords can be easily replaced, BioTect-ID offers an alternative to physical biometrics with their potentially devastating consequences if stolen.