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Biotech and Pharma Eye DataForm Software's Upgrades

By CIOReview | Monday, February 5, 2018

DataForm Software upgrades its flagship cloud-based product, Planet Life Cycle.

This past year, DataForm Software migrated its flagship cloud-based product Planet Life Cycle to Microsoft Azure and has been recognized by CIO Magazine as a leader in corporate finance technology. The planet is widely used by Pharma and Biotech organizations in the compound development business space because the cloudbased application is a team-centric enterprise work management system that merges strategic and financial planning with execution.

To start off 2018, the DataForm team has revitalized the Planet user experience with extended usability. The enhancements include amazing new visualizations on the graphical dashboard that provide greater real-time insight into the entire portfolio. These recent deliverables have solidified Planet’s position as “best-in-class” software in the life sciences industry.

Along with the Planet upgrades, the company has also made a big move by updating its website. The new and improved intuitive website has numerous additions to its content offerings in the form of white papers. These comprehensive documents focus on improving productivity during R&D phases, providing valuable information that can be accessed with the click of a button.

DataForm Software CEO Rodney Elliott commented on the latest improvements: “We are very excited about the latest updates to Planet and our new website experience. The team did an amazing job with the presentations. Our Pharma and Biotech clients have gained greater visibility into their projects, and they are seeing how the Planet-integrated work management model outperforms traditional enterprise project management applications.”

Life Sciences executives use Planet because they have visibility, insight and understanding of exactly what’s going on in the R&D portfolio at any given time. Planet software empowers corporate finance departments to react to changes in strategy in real time, and it reduces workloads and accelerates timelines by allowing matrix teams to stay focused on critical activities and financial levers to achieve important corporate milestones. Information is readily available throughout the development process, from the portfolio level to individual tasks within clinical studies, which helps to integrate the entire management process.


About DataForm Software

DataForm Software is recognized by experts in the field as a technology leader in the development and delivery of robust work management solutions for enterprises of all sizes to transform and accelerate their businesses. Highly connectable and configurable, the solution is leveraged to plan, track and execute work — with data integrity — across teams and functions. Customers build customized systems that integrate third-party APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) using DataForm Software’s ROI (Return On Investment) driven productivity tools. The result ensures high-performance teams can leverage 100 percent of financial and human capital. Built on Azure, DataForm Software solutions protect enterprise IP, accelerate scalability and sustain increases in global competitiveness.