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BioTracer: A Glimpse into CloudLIMS's Automated Sample Management Software

By CIOReview | Thursday, April 14, 2016

BioTracer softwareWILMINGTON, DE: CloudLIMS has recently launched a newer version of its premier product BioTracer. Essentially, Bio Tracer is an advanced sample management software that allows complete tracking and management of samples and specimens in clinical laboratories and research labs. This new version will be effective in accelerating research in clinical testing and diagnostic laboratories, reports BioTracer is a class of automated laboratory information management system, which can track clinical procedures, maintain test results, and generate intuitive reports.

At this juncture, CloudLIMS’ newer and better version of the software will include testing modules for automating the configuration processes in conducting qualitative and quantitative tests and matching them with prevailing clinical records. This ensures data consistency and reduces loss of critical information pertaining to patients’ medical history. As a result, laboratory clinicians can efficiently derive diagnoses from clinical tests, effecting in timely treatment.

The revised BioTracer will exploit high levels of visibility, and allow data sharing across the organization on a global basis, allowing scientists and researchers to publicly post updates on the status of all available samples for collaborative utilization of resources. CloudLIMS enforces strict adherence to regulatory guidelines in order to avoid theft and misuse of confidential patient or research related data. One of the outstanding features of CloudLIMS’s BioTracer software is its affordability, which makes it a viable option for adoption by small-to-mid-sized laboratories.

“Enabling data management in small clinical labs and pathologies saves hundreds of thousands of Dollars in IT costs, which is one of the goals behind developing BioTracer for clinical applications. I am hoping that BioTracer will accelerate clinical research by automating workflow management and by providing real time collaboration,” said Mr. Arun Apte, CEO, CloudLIMS.