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Birch introduces Cloud Phone Solution for Small Businesses

By CIOReview | Friday, April 29, 2016
Vincent Oddo, President and CEO, Birch

Vincent Oddo, President and CEO, Birch

ATLANTA, US: Birch Communication provider of cloud based communication services to small-medium enterprises (SME’s) and wholesale businesses; recently introduced its new product cloud phone solution also known by TotalCloud Voice Essential.

Designed to cater to small and medium enterprises with limited phone lines, TotalCloud’s latest Voice Essentials offers untouchable telephone framework without forthright venture and continuous upkeep costs. Further, Birch empowers smaller organizations to exploit best in class telephone framework innovation and in addition boundless neighborhood and long separation calling. Moreover, TotalCloud also offers a plug and play setup which help users to plug their own base station to their internet connection.

With low monthly rental plans, the firm provides base stations with Panasonic remote SIP telephones for every line and the users can further make use of this line to connect their cordless devices and desktop telephones wherever required. With more mobility plus enterprise-grade feature—users can configure and customize scheduled call forwarding, through its BirchConnect online portal.

Built on IT Infrastructure library frame, Brich also provides enhanced management and stewardship practices to its customer by selling and delivering Cisco powered services. “These services enable customer to achieve faster time to value by minimizing technology lifecycle complexity to reduce costs and risks,” says Vincent Oddo, President and CEO, Birch.

"We are pleased to roll out a product targeted to smaller businesses who are looking for a modern and sophisticated phone system at a great value," said David Gibson, Vice President of Business Development, Brich.  He further adds, “We've taken the very best options and features and scaled them to fit the needs of startups and small businesses.”