Birdzi Partner with ProLogic; Accelerate Effective Personalized Offers to Shoppers

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 29, 2015

ISELIN, N.J: Birdzi, a provider of personalized shopper engagement platform, partners with ProLogic Retail Services, a provider of loyalty and Customer Resource Management (CRM) services. This partnership aims to bring about cost effective delivery of savings from personalized offers to the customers.

The partnership will leverage the powers of Birdzi’s marketing network—Personiphi and Shopper Engagement platform to provide qualitative offers to the customers at the right time through mobile applications. Personiphi is dedicated to independent retailers, unites them through data aggregation and provides access right share of marketing funds to buyers to receive valuable savings on their purchase. The Shopper Engagement Platform is placed on Offer Genius campaign management system featuring, in-store location technology and real-time content delivery.

These retailer developed campaigns, accelerates the shopper value, advertise products, and attract customers to stores. According to Ross Ely, CEO ProLogic Retail Services, through Birdzi’s shopper engagement platform, they can provide grocery retailers with personalized shopper engagement, with the option to add additional loyalty marketing capabilities from ProLogic.

On the other hand, ProLogic provides marketing and promotions of products through the shopper data. The data generated with ProLogic gives an insight about shopper trends and needs, allowing retailers to roll out optimized offer to shoppers at the correct time, attracting more shoppers to stores.

“Through our shopper engagement platform combined with ProLogic's robust loyalty marketing solution, we are excited to help retailers understand true shopper behavior in the store, leading to new insights into real-world consumer behavior.” says Shekar Raman, CEO, Birdzi.