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BIS Integrates Morpheus Data into its Partner Roster

By CIOReview | Monday, May 23, 2016

SAN MATEO, CA: Information technology and services provider BIS has announced that Morpheus Data, a Cloud Application Management for Platforms (CAMP) solution, is now included in its diverse technology portfolio. Morpheus Data is a cloud agnostic solution which enables users to deploy their applications on any cloud provider, whether on-premise, off-premise, or bare metal.

With the addition of Morpheus into its partner roster, BIS adheres to its vision of offering the best available technologies to its clients, “BIS is a leader in simplifying the transition to next generation technologies,” says Jeff Drazan, Chairman and CEO, Morpheus Data. “We are honored that they have selected the Morpheus platform to partner with companies that are interested in leading the IT revolution to the hybrid cloud.”

Morpheus automates the deployment and management of OpenStack infrastructure, facilitating out-of-the-box provisioning anywhere in the stack, while ensuring automatic backups, logging, and monitoring of systems. The solution allows IT administrators to define roles and access for different users based on specific geographic zones, server groups, individual apps, or databases. Another highlight of the Morpheus’ platform is that it simplifies the management of databases and apps by adding more nodes on the web UI, CLI, or through an API call.  To accommodate these new nodes, the solution automatically configures the database or the app cluster.

“Morpheus’ technology offers tremendous flexibility, adaptability and freedom, which our clients tell us is important to them. Adding them to our portfolio gives us more room to grow while offering the solutions our clients tell us they need in today’s competitive environment,” adds Danny Rotelli, President and CEO, BIS.