Biscom Secure Fax Application Drives Samsung to Embrace Enterprise-Level Fax Solutions

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 6, 2016

CHELMSFORD, MA: Samsung in its recent move will be implementing secure fax solutions from Biscom for its UX multi-function printers (MFPs). Biscom is now concentrating on its secure fax app to fulfill the anticipated product expansion of Samsung. Many electronics and technology giants have been inspired by Samsung for its transformative ideas and fresh technologies. The offered app is the first certified third-party app that operates on the Samsung platform. It is capable to turn any MFP into a secure fax machine easily.

“For many industries, the information through fax is important and must be sent securely. We are bringing them the peace of mind that comes with a best-in-class solution for delivering mission critical fax. Now, with Biscom we can offer enterprise-level fax capabilities to all our MFP customers”, says David SW Song, Senior Vice President, Samsung Electronics.

Biscom has been a standard choice by several marketers because of its secure enterprise document approach across the global market.  Enterprises consider fax as an effective tool to transfer enormous personal information. Considering doing so, the fax security should be maintained accordingly with compatibility across HIPAA, COPPA, SOX, and other standards and regulations. Responding to that, Biscom disclosed its specialized services to secure fax for the regulated industries and always supplying essential information through a protective manner. The company’s offered secure fax app has a cost-effective benefit that eliminates the need of lengthy fax phone line and MFP box boards. It offers cloud-based services including easy to deployable functionalities within the on-premise fax servers. 

The complete fax solution suits of Biscom come with three categories such as Fax Servers, Hosted/Cloud Fax and Hybrid Server and Cloud Fax. The Fax Servers are built for high volume, and production-level faxing whereas  its Hosted/ Cloud Fax is designed to enhance company’s cloud offerings by delivering department control, reporting and web and mobile interfaces. The Hybrid Server and Cloud Fax is a combination of on-premises servers and a hosted service for high availability, redundancy, and seamless transitions.