BitTitan Welcomes Paul Nguyen as VP of Product and Engineering for Perspectium
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BitTitan Welcomes Paul Nguyen as VP of Product and Engineering for Perspectium

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Paul Nguyen has been appointed as the vice president of product and engineering for Perspectium by BitTitan.

FREMONT, CA: Paul Nguyen has been named Vice President of Product and Engineering for Perspectium by BitTitan, a world leader in migrations and managed services automation with a family of solutions comprising MigrationWiz, Voleer, and Perspectium.

Nguyen, a Co-founder of Perspectium, has spent eight years with the workflow integration company operating in computer engineering and software development. Following BitTitans takeover of Perspectium in June, Nguyen was appointed, and he will be working from BitTitans' San Diego office.

Nguyen will be in charge of Perspectium's product strategy and development in his new capacity. He will also be in charge of Perspectium's cost-effective and industry-leading cloud software delivery to multinational corporations and managed service providers. With BitTitan's recent acquisition, he'll have more resources, partnerships, and distribution channels at his disposal to help Perspectium develop even faster.

 "I'm excited about the opportunity to guide the product vision for Perspectium and to continue driving innovation and growth in the synchronization and integration space," Nguyen said. "BitTitan and Perspectium are committed to delivering market-leading IT solutions to our partners and customers around the globe. I look forward to continuing to provide leading technology solutions that meet their evolving needs and expanding Perspectiums reach into new geographies and industries."

"Pauls demonstrated expertise in engineering and software development has made him a truly invaluable asset to BitTitan and Perspectium," said David Loo, chief product officer at BitTitan. "His strong leadership skills and continuous dedication toward advancing IT solutions on a global scale are just what we need as BitTitan and Perspectium begin this next phase of growth."

As the co-founder of Perspectium, Nguyen has played a vital role in its growth throughout the last eight years, helping it develop into a seventy five-person operation with IT solutions that reach customers worldwide.

Before joining Perspectium, Nguyen worked for EMC, which Dell later bought. He was a global project manager at EMC's Document Sciences division, where he aimed at developing new enterprise content management solutions. He graduated from the University of California, San Diego, with a B.S. in computer technology in 2002 and an MBA in entrepreneurial studies from San Diego State University in 2010.