Black & Blum Launches Box Appetit and Other Products in USA

By CIOReview | Wednesday, March 16, 2016

FREMONT, CA: British company Black & Blum is going to start a new revolution in the lunch box industry. This London based firm has introduced Box Appetit in US that will offer classy products instead of the traditional lunch box products. These lunch boxes are a new arrival in the modern stylish, world of high quality, creative and high quality lunchtime for the desktop diners and for the persons who bring their own lunches.

This lunch box by Box Appetit is built with partition of cabinets to keep the users favorite dishes separately. Diners can now have their elected dishes in the well-priced saucepots and cutlery of Box Appetit. The recipe book presented with the lunch box provides a way to have a tasty, calorie observant and tasty food in their lunchtime.

The recipes present in the recipe book of Box Appetit is written by keeping in mind about the perfect combination of color and food type that will energize the lunch holders for their work later in the day. Two graphic artists have demonstrated and written the recipe book of Box Appetit. One of them is Japanese who is well aware about the bento boxes. Therefore, the recipe book is fully packed with delicious and easy to cook, packable dish ideas for lunch.

The motto of the company is “you are what you eat”, the company helps in fueling body with healthy food and stop from having unhygienic food. Black & Blum perfectly designed the Box Appetit for both age groups like adults and children. They built the product with an excellent Binchotan water bottle or a thermo flask that helps the user in keeping them healthy and fit. The design of each lunch box by Box Appetit took inspiration from vintage kitchenware. Every piece is built with a slider divider that is used for food separations and handles the security lock of the lid. It is built with FDA food safe materials and is also BPA free. I It is safe for dishwasher and microwave use. A soup cup and compact utensils are also attached with every piece of the lunch box.