Black Hat Set to Highlight Lingering Security Concerns

By CIOReview | Wednesday, July 22, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Black Hat, a computer security conference, brings together variety of people interested in information security to address the security challenges faced by the industry. The latest conference will be discussing on defensive approaches to security as a key theme, reports Sean Michael Kerner for eWEEK.

Efforts are in place to mitigate threats, yet hackers are finding innovate ways to breach the network. Zero-day vulnerability exploits are keeping organizations in deep stress.

Steve Wylie, general manager of the Black Hat conference has said that 32 different zero-day vulnerabilities including mobile and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems would be disclosed in the Black Hat USA event.

On the backdrop of the upcoming event,Black Hat conducted an attendee survey to assert the magnitude of present security issues. The study highlights differences in priorities set by IT management and security professionals to manage security. Sophisticated attack is one of the top concerns among survey respondents while 35 percent of the respondents admitted that dealing with security vulnerabilities introduced by their own companies consumed more time on an average day.

Respondents opine media’s concern on domestic surveillance is overplayed and 27 percent feel intensive emphasis on hacktivists and politically motivated security incidents are unwarranted.Social engineering-based threats were noted as key concern by 46 percent respondents.

The study has identified another key trend in enterprise is the gap of IT security skills. Majority of the respondents agreed the need of additional training to boost security skills while only 36 percent indicated of having all the job skills.