Black Knight Financial Services Launches Lien Analytics Suite

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 8, 2016

JACKSONVILLE, FL: The Data and Analytics division of Black Knight Financial Services, a notorious integrated technology, data and analytics solutions provider has recently launched Lien Analytics Suite at CBA Live, a Consumers Bankers Association event for retail bankers held at Phoenix, Ariz, a report from PR Newswire Association said.

The Lien Analytics Suite assists portfolio risk management by enabling the clients understand and identify potential portfolio risks through tying various Black Knight Data and Analytics products together.

The suite possesses several data sets to facilitate the clients to choose the type and granularity of information that they require to identify risk and support compliance management. Also, the suite analyses the collateral position of a mortgage and provides the present and historical view of the property as well.

The Lien Analytics Suite has the option of combining consumer credit bureau data with public records information in order to provide an in-depth view of subject properties, borrowers and loans to the clients. It also offers additional information about property ownership, mortgage performance and foreclosure for a deeper analysis.

On implementing Lien Analytics Suite, clients can get a picture of lien activity and continuously check for changes in portfolio which is delivered at once to provide early lien notification. The common capability of each product option in the suite such as lien and collateral-risk identification is vital for servicing and risk management for portfolio owners and servicers.

The Advisory Services Group of Black Knight Data Analytics includes experienced consultants who work closely with clients to assist them in determining the best product combination in the Lien Analytics Suite in order to meet their specific business needs.

"Black Knight is pleased to offer this solution suite to help our clients with one of their most critical challenges: risk mitigation," said Kevin Coop, President of Black Knight's Data & Analytics division. "By automatically providing early lien notifications, the Lien Analytics Suite reduces the time clients spend manually accessing public records information and credit data for loans in their portfolios. We are excited to introduce this solution suite at CBA Live and are confident that retail bankers will benefit from its robust capabilities."