Black Knight's Lien Analytics Suite to Mitigate Risks in Financial Institutions

By CIOReview | Friday, March 18, 2016

JACKSONVILLE, FL: Black Knight Financial Services, a provider of integrated technology, data and analytics solutions, demonstrats Lien Analytics Suite at the Consumer Bankers Association event, CBA live. The Lien Analytics Suite assist clients in recognizing risks involved in their portfolio or pool of loans. The suite launched by Black Knight is an amalgamation of various data and analytics products that provide foolproof analytics solutions to its clients.

The analytics suite helps clients to select necessary information from data sets that are required to discover risk and maintain compliance management. Apart from the data sets, the suite also scrutinizes collateral position of mortgage and portrays current and historical view of the property. Additionally, clients can make use of data that are allied to property ownership, mortgage performance and foreclosure for profound analysis. The Lien Analytics Suite also allows integrating consumer credit bureau data with public records information that provide broad aspects of subject properties, borrowers and loans to the clients.

Clients can track the activities that are being carried out by the Lien Analytics Suite and it also serves to monitor a portfolio for changes. Using the tracked data, clients can then be updated with the notification regarding property ownership, mortgage, and risk management. With the unique feature of each product in the analytics suite with lien and collateral risk identification, the suite offers necessary tools for owners and servicers to be abreast with risk management.

The Lien Analytics Suite is flexible enough to gain results as per client’s business demand. It allows experienced consultants with Black Knight Data & Analytics’ Advisory Service Groups to work closely with clients and help clients to choose best combination of products within the analytics suite.

“By automatically providing early lien notifications, the Lien Analytics Suite reduces the time clients spend manually accessing public records information and credit data for loans in their portfolios. Black Knight is pleased to offer this solution suite to help our clients with one of their most critical challenges: risk mitigation.” says Kevin Coop, President, Black Knight’s Data & Analytics division.