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BlackRidge, Zentera, SentryWire, and Alliance: Sailing Towards Next-Generation Cloud Ecosystem

By CIOReview | Wednesday, February 3, 2016

SAN JOSE, CA: Cloud servers assisted many organizations to leverage along technology level; further moving towards the next-generation of cloud ecosystem to deliver a secure hybrid networking solutions. This is getting substantiated by the recent announcement of collaboration among BlackRidge Technology, Zentera Systems, SentryWire, and Alliance Technology.

The four companies join their hands at Cloud Security Summit in Minneapolis to address the climacteric security challenges of cloud for enterprises. The biggest impediment in the enterprise workload in deploying public and hybrid cloud architectures is security challenges. "We have brought our partners together for the Cloud Security Summit to share our joint expertise and help bring enterprise computing into the cloud," said Josh Williams, VP, Alliance Technology.

At Alliance they have been delivering storage solutions for over 20 years and they understand the importance of designing a solution that meets business’s needs. BlackRidge Technology offers a novel layer of identity-based network security, which terminates cyber-attacks. "The next generation architecture for cloud security needs to create and maintain security controls across network boundaries and provide compliance and forensic capabilities at hyper scale," said Doug Johnson, Senior Director, BlackRidge Technology.

Zentera, a network security platform for cloud ecosystem offered via their cloud over IP called Zentera CoIPTM. CoIP addresses virtual hybrid network, data encryption, cloud firewall, and transport automation. SentryWire’s next-generation platform for network packet seizure is grounded on a unique capture and storage architecture to break the expense barriers of existing frameworks, scalability, and performance.

Multiple policy enforcement points supporting hybrid cloud and overlay network security architectures are assured by BlackRidge’s identity-based security controls. By this additional layer of network security, Cloud Security Summit partners gets the perfect complement to arrest cyber-attacks that protect against the insider threats at the promptest time.