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Blockchain Bridging the Talent Gap

By CIOReview | Friday, May 18, 2018

Cybersecurity, these days, is quintessential and costs organizations a million of dollars every year. However, with the advent of digitalization, more and more data is at stake as the hackers have achieved sophistication in the grand scheme of events. AI and blockchain can be extremely fructuous in averting cybercrimes, however, there exists an immense talent gap and therefore the implementation of these technologies have not garnered much attention. As per an EY report, more than 56 percent of senior AI professionals opine that lack of talent is one of the biggest roadblocks in AI implementation. The conundrum is further intensified by the shortage of qualified individuals in the cybersecurity domain. The year 2018 seems promising and various organizations are attempting to amalgamate AI and blockchain with cybersecurity.

To mitigate the cybersecurity issues by leveraging AI and blockchain, a clear demarcation between consumer cybersecurity and enterprise cybersecurity is a must. This is where blockchain and AI can come to the aid and protect the multitude of systems and tools of an organization. By implementing blockchain and AI together, the data can not only be decentralized but also democratize, thereby adding value to the security framework. In addition, blockchain and gamification, in combination can significantly ease the shortage of resources in the cybersecurity ecosystem. Asides, education in the cybersecurity spectrum by utilizing the niche expertise of AI and blockchain are an added advantage in bridging the gap between cybersecurity professionals and organizations.

With a decentralized approach in place that shares resources with customers and the ability to hire talent from around the globe, many of the cyber threats confronting the business world can be easily negated. Although AI appears to be a turnkey solution for cybersecurity issues, currently it poses enormous challenges. As far as the current scenario is concerned, blockchain seems to be a dominant force in the cybersecurity spectrum.