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Blockchain Drives the Future of Industries

By CIOReview | Friday, March 29, 2019

The technology of blockchain initially emerged to optimize and secure Bitcoin processes. But with time, the technology found its place in a wide variety of industries. Today, blockchain drives the world with its high-security features and efficiency. Revolutionizing the legacy distributed database practices blockchain has diversified its scope of utility to disrupt various industrial ecosystems, apart from that of cryptocurrency. Creating a wave of transformation, Blockchain has influenced healthcare, insurance, and banking industries.

The basic concept of blockchain is an advanced value-addition to the banking sectors. Blockchain works on the principle of distributed network holding data in the form of a digital ledger. The general framework includes data records with promising security features, along with other real-time mission-specific actors. Facilitating electronic bank transactions, which are scrutinized at fixed periods, and enabling reliable time-stamping mechanisms, blockchain ensures that every block of data is encrypted. With this, banks can achieve high revenue targets, which were previously considered to be impossible.

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Business efficiency is one of the most significant advantages offered by the blockchain technology. Insurers find it highly useful to rely on blockchain’s concept of distributed control. The data stored in the digital ledger cannot be tampered and can be tracked by the data owners. This technology helps the insurance industry to carry out safe and error-free contracting and other insurance-related processes. Further, data transparency and the ability to retain quality add to the list of benefits offered by blockchain to the insurers.

Blockchain has been playing a substantial role in influencing and upgrading clinical trials. With potential health data management features, blockchain is on the verge of revolutionizing the healthcare industrial ecosystem. Binding the patient data with security, interoperability and privacy protocols, and combining IoT technology, blockchain enables remote diagnostic facilities, which help the patients in getting their regular check-up done or seek emergency assistance right at their doorstep. With the continuous evolution of blockchain technology, problem-solving becomes easier than ever.               

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