Blockchain for Improved Supply Chain Transparency
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Blockchain for Improved Supply Chain Transparency

By CIOReview | Wednesday, May 22, 2019

FREMONT, CA: The latest blockchain progress can provide more transparency for the management of the supply chain. The distributed encryption-safe leaders offer the perfect platform for supply chain managers to distribute material that cannot be manipulated externally. The encryption process also provides data security, and no breaches can be created by anyone without access to any specific data set in the blockchain. Suppliers and regulators may create a single code key to be shared with the end customer to prevent misuse of the information by certain external suppliers. Blockchain offers a great opportunity to monitor supplies while preserving privacy.

Because logistics supply chain is complex, data flows across different functional areas are difficult to track and validate. But with blockchain, each information, and transaction can be recorded in a decentralized database while records are kept as a chronological chain in each individual leader. The safety is increased and any processes on the production line can be tracked and monitored.

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The ever-changing supply chain network and the increasing complexity are the challenges facing the modern era. These complexities represent risks, including goods that fall short of the necessary storage or contamination risk. Consequently, with blockchain technology the possible solutions industries have adopted are to address these risks. For all supply chains companies, blockchain technology enables access. When a transaction is entered, it is available to all involved parties, but there can be no kind of change or manipulation. Thus, product tracking is convenient, and all users are simultaneously made aware.

Although blockchain restrictions remain to be taken into account, especially for SMEs that still adopt paper-based documents in the supply chain, it is not impossible to see more transparent and traceable logistics shortly. Quality of equipment is critical, mainly when starting up or shutting down take days. To avoid serious safety problems, industrial plants must know the suppliers of the blacklist and even potential quality problems of genuine suppliers. When used, blockchain may be a translator in the overall redefinition and reinvention of supply chain management.

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