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Blockchain Fortifies an Organization's IT Strategy

By CIOReview | Friday, February 22, 2019

The blockchain is still associated with bitcoin. However, blockchain has the potential to solve pressing security issues that companies have been grappling with for years. Security challenges have become the center of every company’s strategy formation. Security is not only a vendor’s responsibility but also the responsibility of every employee.

The blockchain is prevalent in the market because of increasingly distributed nature of data center infrastructure. In the past, data centers were used but now edge computing is preferred, and it places the data in locations where data with traditional security measures are harder to protect. Blockchain can track and protect the digital assets just like the concept of safeguarding physical assets behind lock and key. This concept helps companies protect their most important data.

The blockchain is ideal for distributed IT infrastructure because it uses the open nature of the internet as a base to protect information and assets. The blockchain is a decentralized platform that protects the data that is out in the open or that is present in many locations throughout the public and private internet. Blockchain safeguards the information by distributing and replicating it across both the chain and an unlimited number of physical servers. This eliminates the single entry point that hackers look for to launch their attacks.

Different companies have different views regarding the impact of blockchain methodology. Various emerging applications used to develop other new and improved applications that deliver more secure transactions will have a great impact on data centers. Blockchain will play the most integral part of the IT infrastructure by making the cloud more secure. Blockchain promotes the expansion of safe autonomous operations which allows companies to upload more data, applications, and other essential assets in the cloud instead of a data center. Blockchain will have a significant impact on protecting the company’s digital assets and providing better customer experiences. The immutable ledger makes the data stored in the cloud entirely unhackable.

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