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Blockchain helping Organizations in Eliminating Security Risks

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 28, 2019

FREMONT, CA: Blockchain technology is an expanding listing of records, called blocks that are linked using cryptography. The deployment of blockchain in energy-related applications has become a trending matter of sorts among the start-up investor community. Through digital transformation, advancements in the technology have resulted in replacing outdated and less secure trading and documentation platforms. Oil & gas industry, legacy systems are being restored for implementing more reliable and cutting-edge digital systems. To enhance operational efficiency and security, blockchain is now pegged as one of the prime technology platforms to help energy organizations attain their digitization goals.

Microgrids are localized networks of energy production, independent of utility providers, and centralized power generation facilities. These grids can include solar and wind-generated power for supplying electricity to consumers. To implement blockchain technology in energy sector Energy Web Foundation (EWF) has been established to bring together the energy and blockchain community. For regulatory and market necessities, EWF gives an open source and scalable blockchain platform, enabling contributors from across the globe to invest in energy projects.

To enhance the exactitude of trade, speed up access to data, eliminate security risks linked to document mailing, Oil & gas corporations can leverage blockchain. In advancing supply chain management, this system would be advantageous. Building modern facilities warrant considerable integration of digital processes with significant investments anticipated over the coming years in upstream activities. To track output in real-time and customer invoice processing can be automated, oil & gas firms can use a vital combination of blockchain, plant equipment, and sensors mounted on the pipeline. This process will lessen costs for the organizations and help customers take benefit of blockchain’s accuracy, security, and increased speed of the transaction. This would also help in enabling employees to be focused on more essential tasks.

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