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Blockchain Platforms to connect AI developers, Providers, and Imaging Centers

By CIOReview | Friday, December 14, 2018

Medical diagnostics is making its place in the fast-growing AI app store, as it introduces a new marketplace on its medical imaging blockchain platform. This will enable Radiologists to access a range of AI algorithms that can initiate their practices and they could also try before buying it, thereby ensuring that they can find the correct solution they need.

• Is it essential?

Healthcare imaging centers have an enormous amount of data. Analyzing these specific results could be time-consuming for radiologists and chances are high that they could commit a mistake. Here comes AI which assists practitioners with diagnosis and predictions. Moreover, this data can be further monetized through the blockchain platform.

The initiation of an integrated and secure marketplace environment enables radiologists to search and try specific applications, imaging centers to monetize and share their data securely.  Developers also use it to both access data for test development and also to promote their wares in a centralized and transparent environment.

• Setting Trend

AI algorithms are being highly preferred as consultants for analyzing imaging. Leveraging machine learning to interpret highly detailed images is already in use now, and as more AI marketplace will come into existence, a wider range of algorithms are likely to transform how healthcare industry would approach imaging.

Moreover, there is a scarcity of quality datasets for developing and testing new algorithms. Both the developers and the data owners can be benefitted if the imaging centers are provided with the technology that helps in securely monetizing the data that has been appropriately stripped of all personal data.

The blockchain is a distributed ledger which is a consensus of shared and synchronized data and is geographically spread across countries, institutions. It is transparent, record-keeping innovation that is highly secure and resistant from any changes. Various industries are highly adopting it, especially the healthcare sector as it enables organizations to share the data.

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