Blue Calypso Expands Across US Retail Industry

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 25, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Trailblazer of mobile consumer activation, engagement and social advocacy solutions for manufacturers and brick-and-mortar retailers, Blue Calypso announced that it is dynamically providing its KIOSentrix® technology in approximately 4,000 retail locations on 20,000 unique products.

Conjugating with IntegraColor, Blue Calypso is providing and supervising the technology on plant tags for a recognized US-based Fortune 500 supercenter along with Monrovia, the country's prime wholesale plant grower and brand. Blue Calypso's product enablement and mobile shopper engagement capabilities deliver robust and detailed content to live up to customer’s expectation and advance success. The mobile capabilities also enable consumers to share branded content within their social communities.

"The work that we are doing through our partnership with Blue Calypso to bring mobile shopper content enablement to plant purchasing and post-purchase care is veryenergizing," said Jack Davis, VP at IntegraColor. "There is a strong possibility that what we are doing together could become the industry standard in the space."

Blue Calypso and Monrovia's marketing and technology teams along with their agency are operating together for mobile tag enablement, on-line ecommerce and web-based technologies. Monrovia and the Company will be holding a retailer-focused mobile shopping experience with two of Monrovia's major garden retail partners in multiple locations. The demonstration includes an all-inclusive range of supplemental retailer-branded fellow products along with coupons, deals, offers, and promotions. Moreover, it offers the ability to share across social media communities such as Facebook and Twitter, adhering and strengthening the partnership between Monrovia and their retail partners.

"We are making strategic investments in innovative technology such as mobile and web that will benefit both consumers as well as our retail partners which is expected to further our market leadership position," said Katie Tamony, Monrovia CMO.

"We are very excited to be a strategic partner in the evolution to mobile enablement of retail stores and consumer products," said Andrew Levi, Blue Calypso CEO.  "Brick-and-mortar retail is at an crucial inflection point as shoppers transition to digital purchasing as their preferred method of shopping.  Physical retail must adapt and deliver the data and mobile shopping experience that consumers have come to expect online. Today's consumer has become data-driven in their purchasing decisions," added Levi.