Bluebox Launches Dynamic App Integrity for Enhanced Mobile Application Security

By CIOReview | Tuesday, March 10, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Mobile applications are most vulnerable to attacks, which prevent the active management of high-value data stored in them. In order to empower the mobile applications with an extra layer of defense Bluebox Security, a mobile data security and management solution provider has come up with Dynamic App Integrity, as its 2015 winter release.

According to HP report 75 percent mobile applications doesn’t have right encryption techniques for storing data on mobile. Mobile apps and data are vulnerable to attacks with the lack of context awareness and unencrypted data. “Mobile application security has lagged behind as legacy security providers focused unsuccessfully on trying to harden devices,” says Caleb Sima, Co-Founder and CEO, Bluebox Security.

“But businesses need to know that their users can operate safely, even in a compromised mobile environment.” Sima adds.

Through Dynamic App Integrity, apps are made capable to detect malicious threats around the corporate data. It provides mobile applications, strength to defend themselves against malicious attacks for corporate data safety. Bluebox mobile security solution is meant to automatically detect and react to threats in time. It integrates an extra layer of defense to the mobile application which in turn enhances mobile app capabilities

Bluebox Security Winter 2015 release also includes Enhanced Bluebox Portal and Updated Android and iOS apps. Workflows are made smooth with Enhanced Bluebox Portal enabling application management, distribution and monitoring. The updated dashboard provides enhanced threat detection and mobile performance insight, facilitating updates security policies according to mobile and its application’s usage.

Through the Updated Android and iOS apps, Bluebox-secured apps can be easily downloaded from Bluebox App Catalog; and it also provides platform for enhanced mobile productivity and reduced help desk call volume.