Blueprint 6.3 Incorporates Impact Analysis Feature to Accelerate Time-to-Market

By CIOReview | Wednesday, September 23, 2015

TORONTO, ON: Blueprint, the requirements definition and management solution provider, now rolls out an update on its flagship product, Blueprint 6.3. The solution helps deliver value on time and on budget, understanding how IT projects get off-track with reworks, miscommunication, budget overruns and delays; and resolves these issues by offering effective requirements management and competitive advantage.

In addition to providing significant performance improvements on user productivity and customer support, the new version also incorporates features like Impact Analysis as well as sophisticated integrations powered by Tasktop. Tasktop is an enterprise grade synchronization provider; that offers real-time synchronization of content between Blueprint and wide range of ALM tools.

Impact Analysis feature is a remarkable feature that identifies the potential consequence or impact of any proposed change to the requirements. The former Impact analysis was carried out manually which may be error prone and time consuming. Whereas, Blueprint delivers the feature with following advantages: “upstream” and “downstream” change impacts are easily visible to users; and visual representation of artifacts is provided that helps to trace relationships.

The latest features aim at completing the development processes without affecting business objectives; expedites time-to -market.

“With every Blueprint release, we continue to add new features that reflect customer demand. We are building a product that is well aligned with the needs of those who use it on a daily basis, while still addressing industry trends and best practices,” says Michael Aronzon, CTO, Blueprint.