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Blueprint Released for Reliable Digital Assets

By CIOReview | Friday, April 22, 2016
Jim Johnson, CEO of Tripwire

Jim Johnson, CEO of Tripwire

FREMONT, CA: Under the rapidly changing threat conditions, delivering secure digital assets is the unique priority of every organization in the Media and Entertainment industry today. To address this issue, Grass Valley and Tripwire have partnered and unveiled a new blueprint for secure playout, which ensures safe and reliable movement of digital media on the IP networks.

The blueprint includes a three step principle: secure the network, secure the servers, and secure dedicated broadcast equipment. Grass Valley, a provider of content distribution workflow solutions, is applying this blueprint into its iTX Integrated playout platform for reliable and secure transmission of rapidly growing amounts of data, audio and video that is needed for today's applications. The latest blueprint, benefits the broadcasters to securely connect them with their audiences, by delivering reliable digital assets, thereby lowering the cost of running television channels.

Similarly Tripwire applies this blue print into its Tripwire IP360, a vulnerability and risk management solution, which detects, prevents and responds to advanced cyber security threat by giving a complete visibility of their network devices, operating systems, applications and vulnerabilities. “Our portfolio of vulnerability and security configuration management, delivers real-time security intelligence to customers in flexible ways,” says Jim Johnson, CEO of Tripwire.