Bluetooth Low-Energy Technology Reforms Indoor Services via Radio Signals

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 15, 2015

SUNNYVALE, CA: Aruba Networks recently developed Indoor Location Services via advanced Meridian Mobile App Platform . The services are unlocked and downloadable on any device. Aruba- a HP Enterprise company provides improved location services that lead companies to get an overview of their necessary business locations. Its indoor services have been introduced in the market long back and have been widely accepted due to its efficient features. Aruba’s “blue dot”- indoor solution renders consumers the precise indoor location of the individual as a blue dot on map.

Aruba’s Meridian Mobile App accelerates the location-based service, and allows organizations engage with their employees better; inks Jeffrey Burt in one of his articles for eWEEK. Organizations can trace the accurate indoor position of their clients through Aruba’s Beacon solution that constitutes Wi-Fi networks and Beacon analytics. Aruba’s Beacon solution enhances Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) technology; a wireless small, low-power transmitter of personal network technology that improves Indoor Services by transmitting audible radio signals through iOS and Android devices.

Aruba Beacon sensors can operate over any Wi-Fi, and also provides ultra-fast, highly scalable and clear pass guest capabilities. Customer can get notifications as in a mobile app via Aruba’s clear pass guest solutions, which is a visitor management solution, designed for organizations of all sizes and helps organizations to track unauthorized guest access. Aruba’s indoor solutions protect mobile device identities and these effective solutions are open to any devices. The Indoor Location Services are flexible for use in locations such as large retail spaces, hospitals, hotels, stadiums, museums, schools and airports. Aruba is working on mobile engagement solutions by expanding analytic capabilities to provide greater visibilities for its clients.