Bluetooth Smart Powers Smart Home with Enhanced Connectivity Technology
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Bluetooth Smart Powers Smart Home with Enhanced Connectivity Technology

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 19, 2014

KIRKLAND, WA: From last few years, smart home market is growing rapidly and now showing signs to go into mainstream. Bluetooth Smart has been leveraging this market with its enhanced connectivity technology. According to report from Information Handling Services (HIS) Technology, Bluetooth Smart will be the fastest growing connectivity technology for this period.

Bluetooth upgrades its functionality by adding Generic Attribute (GATT) profile, turns itself into a ‘killer enabler’. The Bluetooth Smart technology extends its use to wireless devices that are powered by small, coin-cell batteries such as watches, toys and remote control. Also, this new version of technology has enhanced other devices like, sports & fitness, health care, keyboards and mice, beacons, wearables and entertainment devices.

Presently in the market , the range of Bluetooth devices is 30 feet or 10 meters but with Bluetooth Smart, manufacturers will optimize the range to 200 feet or beyond, especially for in-home sensor applications. It features multiple functionalities such as: ultra-low peak, average and idle mode power consumption; can run for years on standard coin-cell batteries; lower implementation costs, multi-vendor interoperability and extended range.

The enhancement of Bluetooth Core Specification facilitates two types of implementations: dual-mode and single-mode. In dual-mode implementation, Bluetooth low energy or, Smart functionality will be integrated into Classic Bluetooth controller that results the sharing of existing radio with minimal cost increase. Manufactures also use current Classic Bluetooth technology chips with new low energy stack to upgrade the Classic Bluetooth enabled devices with new capabilities.

With single-mode implementations, the Smart Bluetooth features lightweight Link Layer delivering ultra-low power idle mode operation and reliable point-to-multipoint data transfer with advanced power-save and secure encrypted connections in lowest cost. The link Layer will allow Internet connected sensors to schedule Bluetooth low energy traffic during transmission of data via Bluetooth.