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BluJay Solutions Introduces a New, Easy-to-Deploy Platform MobileSTAR

By CIOReview | Friday, March 2, 2018

Massachusetts, United States: BluJay Solutions unveiled their new mobility platform, MobileSTAR. Powered by the world’s first Global Trade Network (GTN), BluJay Solutions is one of the leading supply chain solution providers in the world. MobileSTAR is their one stop mobility platform that can manage the last-mile delivery for all kinds of shippers and carriers. This highly flexible and easy-to-deploy solution provides real-time connection and driver optimization capabilities through any mobile device, improving customer satisfaction and reducing operational costs.

It was initially a standalone solution developed by Blackbay called Delivery Connect.  It was acquired by BluJay and is now fully integrated into their Transportation Management for Shippers workflow. It is an application that can be configured end-to-end, to connect shippers, drivers, management, and customers with real-time data and automated workflows. Drivers can simply download the App or Play Store and gain access to the network and avail street-level optimizations. Organizations save on costs incurred for integration with telematics providers.

“With MobileSTAR, we offer a next-generation, last-mile mobility solution that is fully integrated with our Global Trade Network and product portfolio,” said Doug Surrett, BluJay Solutions’ Chief Product Strategist. “Our Transportation Management customers now have the ability to connect in real-time, delivering improved customer satisfaction and reduced costs.”

Organizations will be able to configure BluJay’s logistics application framework according to their own requirements. This is facilitated by BluJay’s library of functionalities including screens, process flows, and logical capabilities.