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Blurring the Lines between Traditional and Digital Marketing with High-Tech Ideas

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Marketing seems to be a one-stop destination to boost enterprise sales. The field of advertising has progressed unimaginably. But, traditional marketing techniques also remain significant in attracting large audiences through television ads, radio streamings, offline posters, public engagement events and more. Connecting the innovative digital marketing techniques with those of the traditional ones, technologists have devised creative tech-driven ideas, which are shifting the paradigm of global business marketing. Enterprises find it highly feasible to involve both conventional and digital promotional methodologies as the balance between the two is vital in driving brands towards achieving marketing goals. The following is a list of innovative tech-based tools, merging conventional and digital marketing techniques.

• Live video broadcasts at public places

Physical civic engagement campaigns with value-added technology influences help the enterprises adopt appealing marketing ideas. With the help of video broadcasting tools, streaming a live video at public places attracts a large number of leads.

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• VR-driven advertising strategies

BY impacting the marketing and advertising industry to a great extent, Virtual Reality-based techniques are on the verge of realizing the futuristic storytelling paradigm. With the deployment of VR equipment, customers entering the physical store would get exclusive opportunities to take a voyage to the digital description of product features and specifications.

• Introduction of Chatbots to drive the conventional website ads

AI has been instrumental in giving a new dimension to website advertisements. Chatbots are dramatically influencing the ads running on web-based applications. AI-driven tools personalize marketing ideas as per the customer preferences, feature a relevant product or service-based content like images, videos, animations, and podcasts, and stream ads based on the intelligent analysis of the led demographics and more.


By blending traditional and modern marketing strategies with the use of many innovative technological trends, industries experience improved promotions to sales conversions. In this way, technology helps in unleashing the potential of conventional and digital marketing paradigms.