BMW and Toyota to Harness Azure

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 6, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Microsoft has announced that BMW and Toyota will be leveraging Microsoft Azure Cloud services to initiate the preparation for future activities in connected automotives, reports Nicole Henderson, The Whir.

BMW will be implementing the concept of Open Mobility Cloud on Azure to empower its connected cars to offer complete interaction between a person’s daily life and its vehicle. The adaptable engineering of the Open Mobility Cloud will aid BMW to effortlessly fabricate new administration encounters, including accomplice content and help to coordinate with networked frameworks like smart homes. For fulfilling the need of interaction, BMW Connected, a smartphone application, is utilized for offering management of a trip like reminder of appointments and meeting, as a service. Azure Cloud services provide resilience and scalability by enabling the car manufacturer to handle silos of unstructured data.

On the other hand, Toyota is also entering the market of connected cars by utilizing the expertise of Microsoft’s engineers and leveraging Azure technology. For conveying consistent and relevant services, Toyota is utilizing data analytics to support product development for clients, merchants, wholesalers, and accomplices. To ensure the same, the Japanese auto manufacturer empowers the user with T–Connect, a telematics service. It will utilize the force of information science through Microsoft's Azure cloud innovation to create algorithms that will adapt driving background of the user. Toyota is also taking initiatives in data center management, data analytics and data driven services development. 

The concept of connected cars will be a bridge between the user and the machine. At initial stage, it is addressing the basic issues of our daily life. However, in a broader perspective, the connectivity will build an integrated environment of cars and simultaneously share the driving habits of every driver. It will also allow users to obtain the health of engine and other major parts of an automotive.