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Boatyard Partners with Lauderdale Marine Center

By CIOReview | Thursday, February 18, 2021

Boatyard announces a new partnership with Lauderdale Marine Center in Fort Lauderdale.

FREMONT, CA: Boatyard is moving the boating sector forward by making it seamless for boat owners to connect with their preferred marinas, dealers, or marine pros with afew clicks on their mobile devices. The firm announces a new partnership with Lauderdale Marine Center in Fort Lauderdale to create the LMC Customer Experience app.  Lauderdale Marine Center in Fort Lauderdale, FL, is Americas largest and premier recreational yacht maintenance and service facility. Through the App, LMC customers can now request a reservation for in-water slips or dry dock, order services for their yacht, handle reservation requests, connect with client services, and many more.

Lauderdale Marine Center is constantly working to enhance the customer experience, what it likes to call the LMCx. Creating an App to offer the clients an easy communication mode to save time and add efficiency to their busy yard periods was the obvious next evolution. The company has already planned for the next round of App upgrades, which will offer customers the potential to contact, request a quote, and schedule service with the authorized contractors, ever-increasing the LMCx.

The team at Lauderdale Marine Center shares our mission of offering remarkable customer service experiences to their yacht owners, so it was a privilege for the companies to collaborate with LMC to develop their Customer Experience app. The most significant advantage to LMCs customers is improved communication. The app enables LMCs yacht owners and crew to connect with client services anytime whether their yacht is in South Florida or the Mediterranean.

Headquartered in Fort Lauderdale, Boatyard is the world’s first on-demand boat services marketplace. Boat owners can order fuel delivery, service, captains, boat cleaning, and more from qualified, vetted marine service providers through Boatyards award-winning mobile app. Boatyards Software-as-a-Service platform offers marine businesses with the digital tools to handle their service requests and offer remarkable experiences to their customers.