Boeing Leverages New Automated System to Accelerate the Production Rate

By CIOReview | Monday, March 16, 2015

FERMONT, CA: Boeing, a manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircrafts, announces that it is leveraging a new automated system named Panel Assembly Line (PAL) for constructing wing panels for 737 jetliners which will in-turn accelerate the production rate.

Previously used machines facilitated drilling panels but didn’t support installation of rivets which needed a lot of care and strain for its completion. PAL is a 60-ton, blue machine for drilling holes with less sound and installing wings of a production aircraft. PAL helps in reducing the number of injuries and defects; it also increases the production speed by 33 percent.  PAL and 737 factory account for two-thirds of the planes Boeing makes, accelerates the production rate.

Boeing has already installed five out of 8 machines which are built by Electroimpact, an aerospace automation company. PAL has replaced the machines built by Gemcor. Renton based Boeing assembly lines, build around 42 of its 737 jetliners a month and it has plans to accelerate the rate to 47 and then 52 a month by 2018.

It has plans to start a third line by this summer which will help in the development of 737 MAX and aims to complete a MAX by next November, reports Alwyn Scott and Tim Hepher for REUTERS. 63 of the single-aisle planes can be produced from the three running lines of Boeing by producing twenty one from a single line.