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Bolle to Offer Virtual Try On Feature for Its Winter Products

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 26, 2020

Bolle offers an augmented reality experience for its winter products, including Helmets and Goggles.

FREMONT, CA: Committed to keeping on addressing sanitary challenges with innovative solutions, Bolle launches a new augmented reality filter enabling consumers to not only look out and experience Bolle’s exclusive Phantom lens in the Nevada goggle but also safely see what they look like with Bolle helmets and goggles on without having to physically touch the products. Collaborating with QReal and M7 Innovations, Bolle’s AR experience is a first for the helmet and goggle industry.

For this winter version of the Phantom augmented reality experience, Bolle has gone further in the realistic feel of the filter and in communication. It has one of the strongest winter sports athletes’ teams in the world. This experience combines the greatest champions with the best photochromic lens technology on the market. It is a strong statement. Bolle’s products are worn by the best, and with the filter, anybody can see as a champion.

After seeing the helmet and goggle, users can simply flip their camera from selfie-view to front-facing. Then Phantom lenses are superimposed on their view. Users then introduce goggle effects such as high contrast, anti-fog, and photochromic into their real surroundings to see Phantom lenses in action. Once users choose a lens that matches their style and needs, they can search for a participating dealer and buy directly from that retailer.

Using AR, users will experience what makes Bolle’s Phantom the leading lens in winter sports.  Its light adaptive technology presents the user with a slider that allows them to change their exposure, making the scene brighter or darker.  The Anti-Fog Treatment begins to fog up, simulating the fogging that occurs from sweat while skiing. Its low-temperature sensitivity delivers improved activation, darkening or lightening whether the temperature is -13°F or 41°F.

Bolle’s full line-up of Phantom lenses includes Phantom +, which includes a semi-polarized film that mitigates distracting glare and improves contrast to distinguish ice from snow, Phantom Green Emerald lens is ideal for bright light conditions, Phantom Fire Red lens, which amplifies color contrast, is ideal sunny days, and Phantom Vermillion Blue is a versatile lens providing color definition and depth perception.