Bombora Enhances Adobe Audience Manager to Empower Account Based Marketing
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Bombora Enhances Adobe Audience Manager to Empower Account Based Marketing

By CIOReview | Thursday, November 26, 2015

NEW YORK, NY: In order to empower media companies with advertising, Bombora adds B2B Intent data to Adobe Audience Manager – a data management platform, enabling advertisers and content publishers to buy and sell audience data through a single solution.

Adobe Audience Manager is a platform that helps users to design audience profiles to identify the most valuable segments to use them across any digital channel. It allows advertisers to increase their revenue through unified and actionable views of their audience. On the other hand, it enables publishers to sell their audiences to advertisers that are relevant to their business.

The addition of Bombora’s B2B Intent Data to Adobe Audience Manager empowers the processes of programmatic ad targeting, analytics, site side personalization modeling, account based marketing and custom segment features for advertisers as well as publishers by allowing them to combine first and third party data. Moreover, it will fuel analytics, personalization, attribution, audience modeling and targeting goals of marketers.

"Bombora's B2B Intent and Demographic data within Audience Manager's data exchange, Audience Marketplace, represents an unprecedented opportunity for B2B marketers. For the first time, B2B marketers can target ads and personalize their sites at scale, based on a user's top area of interest. We're excited to be innovating with Adobe," says Erik Matlick, CEO, Bombora.