BoomWriter and 'Google for Education' Partner to Transform Education with Technology
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BoomWriter and 'Google for Education' Partner to Transform Education with Technology

By CIOReview | Tuesday, September 1, 2015

FREMONT, CA: BoomWriter Media, a provider of online collaborative writing solutions gets in terms with Technology Track, a platform for partners who create products that complement, enhance or extend the reach or functionality of Google for Work products to be a partner of Google for Education.

The website is a free group-writing tool for teachers for their students to develop and enhance their writing, reading, vocabulary, and peer assessment skills. BoomWriter comprises of three tools, StoryWriter for creative/narrative writing; WordWriter for vocabulary and ProjectWriter for expository/argument/scientific writing. These tools were developed under the idea that everyone writes, everyone reads and everyone votes.  Here the students submits there piece of writing to the teacher for feedback, once all entries are approved each student assesses up to four of their classmates' entries at a time and anonymously casts their vote for the best version.

"BoomWriter can add value to any district's Chromebook initiatives by providing a group-writing application that is engaging for students, academically impactful, and easy for teachers to use," says Ken Haynes, BoomWriter Media COO.  The platform being flexible and easy to use is ideal for students from 2 to 12 grades for various subjects such as English Language Arts, History/Social Studies, and Science.

The company claims that the Google for Education Partner Program will help in enhancing the value of BoomWriter as well as for teachers seeking to utilize technology in the classroom. Through Google Apps for Education, educators can use BoomWriter directly onto their Chromebooks. 

Moreover, BoomWriter supports easy integration with Chrome products, from Google single sign-on for students' accounts to the BoomWriter for Students app that can be added to Chrome.