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Boost E-Commerce sales with 3 simple steps

By CIOReview | Monday, February 22, 2021

Learn how to improve your website to ensure higher lead conversion and branding.

Fremont, CA: The covid-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to move online, where customers are purchasing more. A website does not necessarily mean increased sales if it is not optimized to sell. Web developers mostly focus on optimizing websites for higher SEO rankings and gaining more traffic. But large traffic does not always translate into large sales. Hence one has to modify their websites, keeping in mind the customer, to ensure the website visitor becomes your client.

The following are the 3 simple steps you can take to make sure your website is customer-friendly:

1. Optimize your website for increased speed:

The speed of your website determines whether a visitor will view it or not. 40% of visitors leave websites which take longer than 3 seconds to load. Hence one has to make sure that it loads quickly. A website may have a lot of elements that slow it down, like excessive widgets, videos, un-optimized images, and excess coding. Cut those out. Optimize your images using an image optimizer, improve the structure of your website so it loads quickly. Use Google Search Console to identify the site errors and solve them.

2. Set up an FAQ to address customer queries:

If your website is selling, then it must be describing the products well. But what about the burning questions of the potential leads? The best way to solve this is to set up an FAQ page where all the questions are answered so that the lead has all the necessary information. Blog-like content answering general queries attracts more attention and increases the chances of lead conversion. It will also simplify your sales process as the lead already has all the relevant information and will bother you with lesser queries.

3. Add calls to action:

When one is designing a website meant to generate sales, every aspect of it must induce action from the lead's side. From simple pop-ups asking for signing up, to engaging with leads via an online-chatbot, these will not only engage your leads for a longer time but also increase your brand awareness. Offer your leads the liberty to get in touch with you regarding their requirements easily, view your products and services via social media, and share them on their socials. Every single action indicates a possibility of lead conversion and one must supply plenty of those to website visitors to ensure higher sales.

Though one can ensure more sales if these steps are taken, no amount of branding can increase sales if the products and services offered are not great and unique. Hence make sure that product quality stays aligned with your branding and sales efforts.