Boost Signal Strength with the Latest Application
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Boost Signal Strength with the Latest Application

By CIOReview | Friday, July 26, 2019
Colin Geis, Director of Product Management - IIOT

Colin Geis, Director of Product Management - IIOT

The release of the Red Lion’s signal conditioners assist in boosting the signal strength by allowing longer cable runs into an industrial setting.

FREMONT, CA: “While the industrial space has changed gradually over 40 years, its transformation has accelerated in recent years, and will exponentially evolve over the next decade,” expresses Colin Geis, Director of product management-IIoT at Red Lion Controls. As an addition to the transformation, Red Lion Control’s technological development has given rise to the latest signal conditioner.

The industrial manufacturing company, which was highlighted among CIO Review’s 50 Most Promising IoT Solution Providers – 2019, recently announced the launch of its new signal conditioner product lineup. “Red Lion helps businesses optimize and leverage their existing infrastructure by allowing access to more data, as well as remote connectivity,” adds Geis, while drawing attention to the enterprise’s offerings.

The newly released signal conditioners boost the signal strength by permitting the longer cable runs through the industrial environments. When used as a converter, the devices can interpret and incorporate the signals into existing Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) architectures. The mechanism eliminates the need for expensive PLC input cards, whose role is to house a unique signal input from a newly added sensor. Every signal convertor can convert or accept voltage, current, thermocouples, resistance RTDs, and pulsed inputs with the offering of a thin 6mm footprint.

The new conditioners are ideal for:

•  Customers who desire for superior signal integrity.

•  Industrial applications requiring data from existing equipment that are to be included in IIoT strategies through sensor addition.

•  Measurement processes concerning accurate sensor data, which need signals to transmit accurately over the distance without interference from external sources. The external causes include noises such as variable-frequency drives (VFDs) and switching spikes.

Instead of adding high-priced specialized input/ output (I/O) cards to the present PLC system, the organization’s signal conditioning and conversion solutions permit the plant engineers to include sensor data to current processes in existing formats. The method further simplifies the implantation and lowers the cost.

The signal conditioner products offer isolation, amplification, and conversion capabilities, ensuring signal integrity across long distances and in harsh environments. Besides, the products also give an option to change the signal to the preferred input depending upon the application.

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