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Bosch Bluehound to Help Improve Stock Management

By CIOReview | Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH upgrades stock management with Bosch Bluehound, a Bluetooth tag-based asset management system. 

FREMONT, CA: Robert Bosch Power Tools GmbH, a Robert Bosch Group division, improves stock management with Bosch Bluehound, a Bluetooth tag-based asset management system, can be implemented, from a truck down to the tiniest drill, to practically every construction site asset.

To allow real-time asset monitoring from the warehouse to the job site and anywhere in between, Bosch blends networking, engineering, and the cloud. Developed with the big contractor in mind, Bluehound gathers actionable information that can be used by construction companies to strengthen preparation, teamwork, enforcement, and staff training.

Bluehound is an open framework that enables consumers, not just Bosch goods, to record and monitor thousands of assets and can be used with any brand tool. Assets can be tagged with the GCC30 - 4 Bluetooth modules installed on power tools and other appliances for work. Bluehound blends directly with the communication module GCY42 on connected - ready Bosch devices.

The Bluehound method removes the time and resource loss resulting from prolonged tools and material waiting times. Users will easily see every tagged asset's position, location history, and operational status. With the capacity to store safety certifications and other asset documents, Bluehound will assist safety managers without creating delays to confirm compliance with OSHA regulations. The program also aims to reduce unnecessary costs that come with repairing instruments that are not used or under-used.

"We developed Bluehound taking into consideration every crew member on a large construction site," explains Tammy Bauer, pro user marketing manager and Bluehound business owner, Bosch. "We sought to streamline asset management and simplify tracking for everyone involved and to create a more connected jobsite. Thus far, we've seen promising results with contractors commenting on ease of use as well as the application's mobile-friendly interface and useful data tracking."

Bluehound utilizes a pricing model focused on subscription, a monthly tiered plan representing the amount of Bluetooth tags that an organization uses for asset monitoring, including software and replacement tags.