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Bosch to Unveil Smart Solutions for a Connected World

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 8, 2015

FREMONT, CA: Recognizing the increasing importance of smart devices in the present day scenario, Bosch has developed smart, sustainable solutions for a connected world.These smart solutions would be as diverse as smart sensors, smart energy, eMobility, automated driving, smart software to smart cities, telematics, thermotechnology, home appliances and power tools among others.

One of the many solutions is a smart thermostat that can control the heating with nothing but a smartphone. Users are provided a wi-fi-enabled remote room controller with a touch screen and a corresponding app, which allows them to control their heating systems through their smartphones. This is compatible with Bosch’s Greenstar gas and oil-fired boilers.

In line with their vision, Bosch’s ‘Open software platform for the smart home,’ connects all the appliances and systems in the home. This platform enables the exchange of data among the appliances as well as with smartphones and tablets. The engineering company’s ‘Smart energy system’ demonstrates how smart connectivity can be implemented for electrical and thermal energy using a photovoltaic system in combination with the latest heat pump technology. This enables the users to utilize a major share of the electricity generated.

Integrating the Bosch Power Tec BPT-S 5 Hybrid storage solution into this energy system provides the heat pump with a reliable supply of electricity even after sunset, and surplus electricity is sent to the lithium-ion batteries before a signal is sent to the heat pump. In addition, the engineering company’s solutions comprise of systems to help workshops access certain vehicle data helpful for error diagnosis and repair online. It also possesses systems like connectivity control unit, which contribute towards greater road safety. Sensors, connectivity in workshops and new display techniques are some of the other innovations by Bosch.

One of the other key solutions would be its ‘wireless Charging System’ which is based on contactless energy transfer. In this system, alternating magnetic field is generated in the transmitter using a coil and this alternating magnetic field penetrates the coil in the receiver and induces voltage thereby generating current. 

Bosch’s smart solutions also include the Dremmel 3D Idea Builder, which is a 3D printer designed for specific creative purposes.