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Boundless Announces the Availability of Boundless Exchange: A Web Based GIS Platform

By CIOReview | Wednesday, April 13, 2016

FREMONT, CA: Boundless, a firm dealing in design, customization and deployment of geospatial maps, applications, context and data introduced the Boundless Exchange platform. The platform is based on GIS (Geographic Information System) content management operating on open source technology. It successfully integrates geospatial content and analysis into the business workflows of enterprises worldwide.

Boundless Exchange supports collaborative editing using a version of distributed and robust editing engine. The feature allows communities or teams to contribute in the crowd sourcing projects, reinforcing the overall geospatial activity. The GIS tools are available for any user willing to contribute with a versioned or non-versioned control. Together, user’s team can also contribute the knowledge and content in a highly collaborative manner.

“We are excited to be offering a full open-source alternative to proprietary GIS portals,” said Andy Dearing, CEO, Boundless.

The platform is powered by GeoNode, GeoGig and Boundless Suite, the geospatial tools merged together to achieve unique geospatial capabilities. Adapting configurations to meet the user’s emerging business needs is not a complicated task anymore as the Boundless platform is accessible in an Opensource platform. The company’s technical team is always available to offer essential guidance and support to the users. With on-premise and SaaS implementation, the platform is specifically built to empower the functionalities of organizations.

Boundless has efficiently developed and supported powerful softwares for enterprise Spatial IT applications. The OpenGeo Suite is designed for utilizing spatial information in modern workflows, staging a complete platform for building maps, managing data and applications. The company also offers project assistance and cloud services for the customers.

“At Boundless we are passionate about bringing the power of GIS to everyone and releasing Boundless Exchange is just one step to making it a reality,” adds Andy.