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Boundless: Innovating FOSS4G Education

By CIOReview | Tuesday, April 12, 2016

WASHIONTON, DC: Boundless, an organization offering open source geospatial software has announced its innovative academic engagement initiative creation. Prioritizing on Free and Open Source Geospatial (FOSS4G) education, the academic engagement plan will comprise of tutorials, datasets and graphics kit to support faculty and staff to develop curricula. Boundless Suite, powered by PostGIS/ GeoServer / OpenLayers / QGIS is the keystone of the plan and includes technology and other related material. The staff at boundless will be available to speak to university students, faculty and staff about the latest technological trends in open source GIS and the state of the Boundless suite.

Devoted to FOSS4G education, the plan offers students and educators with an open source GIS platform free of cost, and assists graduating students in finding a place in the professional workforce. Other components of the plan consist of opportunities for community participation, internships, and job placement.

The Boundless GIS platform, which includes Exchange, Desktop and Suite, was created to help organizations harness the power of location in the users’ data. “We are excited to offer the academic community Boundless support for growing open source GIS programs,” comments Anthony Calamito, Boundless Federal CTO. “Making our solutions, documentation and staff available to educational institutions is important to our commitment to FOSS4G.”