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Boundless Releases OpenGeo Suite 4.8

By CIOReview | Tuesday, May 10, 2016
Ann Johnson, CEO, Boundless

Ann Johnson, CEO, Boundless

WASHINGTON, DC: One of the leading commercially supported, open sources, geospatial software provider Boundless announced the release of the newest version of its prevailing enterprise geospatial software platform, OpenGeo Suite 4.8. Representing a major improvement for organizations, OpenGeo Suite 4.8 helps leverage the power and cost-effectiveness of open source software to deal with geospatial data and create maps across web, mobile, and desktop applications. With support for Mapbox Vector Tile and other vector tile formats, the update serve map information in smaller, much efficient units and offload the generation of the final images to the end device. To its instance of GeoServer, Boundless has also added support for vector tile output in Mapbox Vector Tile, GeoJSON, and TopoJSON open source formats.

Enabling users to perform more powerful analysis of atmospheric and meteorological data, OpenGeo Suite 4.8 in addition offers NetCDF (Network Common Data Format) support. “We develop spatial infrastructure that allow CIOs to iterate the data in real time and offer tools to defense analysts to visualize spatial data about the ongoing military operations,” says Ann Johnson, CEO, Boundless. Providing significantly accelerated output performance, the update offers improved rendering and JPEG compression. Supplementary features also including Z-order rendering, contrast enhancement, and PostGIS curve support.

Designed for users who wish to think and work with an open approach to accomplishing goals, OpenGeo Suite Enterprise from Boundless is an open source geospatial software. Without being locked into proprietary software with significant license costs, Organizations can use OpenGeo Suite Enterprise to satisfy sophisticated Enterprise needs, enabling an innovative approach to mapping and geospatial analysis.

Based out of New York, US, Boundless develops and supports software for enterprise Spatial IT applications, and provides platforms for managing data and building maps and applications designed for bringing spatial information into modern workflows.