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BoxBoat Chosen as First GitLab Certified Professional Services Partner

By CIOReview | Tuesday, December 1, 2020
Tim Hohman, CEO

Tim Hohman, CEO

BoxBoat Technologies has become the first GitLab Professional Services Partner after becoming GitLab Select Channel Partners in July 2020.

FREMONT, CA: BoxBoat Technologies, a DevSecOps and digital transformation consultancy firm, has become the first GitLab Professional Services Partner after it became GitLab Select Channel Partners in July 2020. The strategic relationship will allow the organization to provide innovative c, continuous integration, and source control management services to their clients.

According to Tim Hohman, BoxBoat CEO, "BoxBoat specializes in helping organizations integrate containerization and DevSecOps into their software development and deployment workflows." "As a GitLab Professional Services Partner, we are uniquely situated to help organizations accelerate their software development processes and improve automation as part of their greater DevSecOps strategy."

As part of the collaboration, BoxBoat will develop various new service offerings to help companies adopt and improve their current GitLab practices, like the GitLab Migration Accelerator. BoxBoat even provides several other services, which include GitLab migrations and assessments, CI/CD pipeline optimization, DevSecOps strategy assessments, Kubernetes implementations, infrastructure as code, and cloud-native training.

"GitLab is excited to build a strategic relationship with ‹BoxBoat Technologies," said Michelle Hodges, vice president of global channels at GitLab. "‹BoxBoat's extensive experience working with continuous integration, continuous delivery, and Kubernetes makes them a great fit for the GitLab Partner Program and enables us to work together to create high-value services for mutual customers."

BoxBoat offers professional consulting services in containerization, DevSecOps, and digital transformation. Whether their client needs to start a new Kubernetes or Docker project, improve their software development pipelines, renovate a current application, migrate to the cloud, or just want to train the engineers, they have a team of certified experts who can get the job done. The company also does not believe that a single size can fit all due to which they work with their client to evaluate their requirements, put together a customized plan of action, and help them accomplish their goals.