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BPM: Comprehensive Solutions for Businesses

By CIOReview | Monday, June 10, 2019

Processes will be the key for companies to operate because of the framework to achieve business operations, and they will enable different parts of the organization to interact with suppliers and customers. Business Process Management (BPM) is a process of aligning events or tasks that must be performed for a business to operate. Successful BPM can be obtained through the building and sustaining process and constantly striving to provide value for your customers. Companies experience a downfall due to the lack of modernized technologies. Businesses have to build data into everyday processes so that they can create a positive end-user experience on devices and get the best services to the employees and customers. BPM software help organizations in defining the steps to perform a task and mapping those steps to the existing processes which make the process to complete efficiently. The solutions also help the businesses to connect with people, processes in an organization to get work done faster, to remain efficient while decreasing costs. BPM can deliver the outcomes along with enterprise architecture, analytics, organizational change, profile, and portfolio management.

BPM can be categorized into three types based on the purpose they serve. Integration-centric BPM systems can jump between the existing systems without any human involvement and have extensive connectors and API access to create processes that move fast. Human-centric BPM processes have a lot of approvals and tasks executed by humans and excel at the friendly user interface and easy notifications. Document-centric BPM is required when a document is at the heat of the process, and they enable routing, formatting, and getting documents signed as tasks to pass along in the process. BPM incorporates Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) such as Lean and Six Sigma to optimize business processes. Lean and Six Sigma Technologies can increase organizational efficiency and profitability by enhancing three important elements—agility, visibility, and efficiency. BPM software technology enables organizations to design, analyze, execute, and optimize important processes. BPM is a valuable automation tool for enterprises to get an advantage through cost reduction, process excellence, and CPI.

BPM being transparent and agile can improve processes, which helps organizations to make necessary changes to increase productivity and profits, ultimately achieving the business objectives. With the implementation of BPM in an organization, business leaders can make the right decisions for company growth, and quick solutions can be deployed to overcome the challenges.

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