Bracket Announces the Release of Rater Station (SM) 4.0 eCOA Solution

By CIOReview | Thursday, January 14, 2016

SAN FRANCISCO, CA: Bracket, a company providing clinical trial specialty services, has released version 4.0 of Rater Station. The version 4.0 of Rater Station is an innovation in eCOA tool; designed to enhance the outcome and performance of clinical trials. The latest version carries out two clinical trials that are actively recruiting for Central Nervous System.

Rater Station by Bracket is an extended version of electronic Clinician-Reported Outcome (eClinRo). The software is uniquely designed for providing added clinical value and quality control. The software is the core component of Bracket’s eCOA platform and used by various pivotal case studies around the world.

"The Rater Station intelligent question design improves data quality while reducing investigator and patient burden. This release incorporates the feedback of more than 20 stakeholders, and is our most usable and secure version yet," stated David G. Daniel, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Bracket.

Along with the re-configured user interface, the latest version comes with several key upgrades that resolve various critical problems of previous versions. With the introduction of Constant Auto-Save function, data will never be lost in any situation like, power loss, system defect or other kind of errors. It efficiently controls the data access  operation with the help of advanced authentication. The new Question Library features advance-customization solution for each scale and questionnaires in its platform. The latest version improves Clinical Edit Checks to minimize errors and reduce oppressive data correction. These major enhancements enable the sites to conduct clinical interviews more accurately and efficiently.

"The reliable application of outcome measures is crucial to conducting high quality trials. Innovative technology can help with this issue. However, it is crucial that when introducing new technology, we take care to make patient assessment easier for site staff. Technologies such as Rater Station can help improve trial conduct and, through intuitive design, aid patient assessment," stated John Harrison, Associate Professor Alzheimer Center,  VU University Medical Center and member of Scientific Advisory Board, Bracket.