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Brady Launches BradyGrip, Print-on Hook Material

By CIOReview | Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Brady launches a new print-on hook material developed to identify wire and cable bundles.

FREMONT, CA: Brady, a pioneer in industrial and safety printing systems and solutions, launches a new print-on hook material developed to identify wire and cable bundles. As data centers scale in size and complexity, the problem to correctly identify cable bundles efficiently has become important. When deploying and updating cable, a misidentified cable can hinder data, cause outages, and make troubleshooting more problematic, limiting productivity.

Since hook and loop solutions are used heavily in the datacom industry, Brady collaborated with VELCRO Brand to create an innovative offering: BradyGrip Print-on Hook Material, featuring VELCRO Brand Hook. This new product combines high-performing Brady materials with VELCRO Brand technology. It can be printed and placed on Velcro Brand ONE-WRAP Ties to find wire or cable bundles.

Today there is a focus on greater efficiency in the wire and cable industries. And faster application and identification are key. The company developed BradyGrip to enhance the way identification is done in the field, saving time and money. And by providing a product that can be both printed on and placed, the company has done just that. Truly, there is nothing like BradyGrip on the market. It changes the way people work.

This new material enables Brady to reach markets that rely on markers to find wire and cable bundles: telecom, datacom, electrical, medical and construction work. A critical feature of BradyGrip„¢ is its print-on capabilities. Barcodes, text, graphics all can be printed on this durable, high-quality material. This replaces error-prone markers with faster and clearer printed ID.

BradyGrip is the latest addition to Brady's well-established line of identification solutions. The company also delivers an extensive line of labeling materials, printing systems, ribbons, and software to fully establish as a worldwide frontier of complete printing solutions.