Branch Releases Deepviews to Provide Advanced Experience to App Users

By CIOReview | Monday, August 24, 2015

PALO ALTO, CA: In a move to address the challenges of app makers and to deliver a streamlined experience to the user, Branch, a deep linking and mobile engagement platform company, has released a new technology, called Branch Deepviews, for users to engage with an app’s content without downloading or installing it. It enables app previews via web browsers.

The company terms Deepviews as mobile web splash pages. It helps app makers and mobile developers by providing a complementary mobile website to a mobile app, built into Branch links, which works on any platform and in any browser and results in an efficient experience for the user.

“The mobile browser isn’t going anywhere even though app-only companies are becoming more prevalent, resulting in a more fragmented user experience for non-app users. Many mobile app developers don’t have the resources to build an optimized web version of their app. Branch Deepviews provide this functionality by automatically generating web pages from app content,” quotes Alex Austin, CEO, Branch.

 “It’s as simple as checking a box on the Branch dashboard,” Austin adds.

Released in Beta with specific partners, like iHeartRadio, WeHeartIt, 9Gag, TheChive, and more, Deepviews has outperformed the direct-to-store flow by anywhere from 2 to 6 times over.

Talking about the new tool, Dylan Bathurst, Lead Engineer for Close5 and partner of Branch Deepviews, says, “Bridging the gap between mobile web and app install is extremely challenging, but by showing a content ‘deepview’, we’ve found users convert much more highly from mobile web traffic into active app users. It’s counter intuitive that an extra step would help, but it’s extremely powerful and plays to the psyche of the end user when they see a preview of the app content.”