Brand Positioning: Significance and Benefits
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Brand Positioning: Significance and Benefits

By CIOReview | Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Branding is a joint effort amid various moving parts that help to stand out in the market place and assists in driving the business forward. The brand’s strength directly connects to the effort one puts in, and the most critical and foundational components of a broader brand-building process are brand positioning.

Brand positioning refers to a brand strategy that relates to the practice of exploring, identifying and refining the uniqueness with the target audience. It is the strategy of defining the desired position of an organization in the minds of its audience so that the customer associates something specific with the product that is different from the rest of the marketplace. Here are seven distinct reasons why brand positioning is a must.

Purchase procedure

Consumers want the best in less time; they don’t want to hunt through multiple options. Brand positioning helps to trigger an emotional response from its target audience helping one to earn trust. If an organization can cut corners and clearly explain what they have for their customers, it will help to beef up the opportunities for completed sales.

Directs messaging, storytelling, and copy

Communicating with an audience when an enterprise doesn’t know where it stands, how is it unique and who is its competition and where the latter stands. The core part of all marketing strategies is messaging, and hence it becomes essential to have an understanding of one’s branding position.

Pricing Strategies

It is evident that many valuable products and services demand price justification. Brand positioning helps in identifying the price point in comparison to the competition. It helps in clarifying that why an organization is higher or lower than its competitors and also gives insight that whether consumers see this justification positively or not.

Visual Presentation

Every color choice symbolizes different meaning, and therefore every color choice is weighed for visual design. Here, brand positioning helps you to guide from which to begin and helps in best communicating with the target audience.

Communicate the value

Value is what organizations offer to their customers, and this value incorporates the aspects of the company or product that best satisfies the customer needs. Brand positioning helps in clarifying the specific value as it cuts the vagueness and talks things that are accurate and appropriate.

Market Differentiation

As thousands of similar products are available in the marketplace, advertising competition becomes fierce. It is essential to introduce the organization’s specific and unique traits through advertisements, and therefore they become a medium through which this information is disseminated. Brand positioning helps in explaining the differences between these products and services.

Internet Noise

If implemented well, brand position gives one the opportunity to speak directly to their target audience, surpassing through all the noise on the internet. Brand positioning helps in identifying the right target audience instead of throwing darts at random targets.

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