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Brand Voice makes all the Difference: Quick Tips for Businesses

By CIOReview | Friday, March 29, 2019

A brand is similar to a real person, and brand voice helps the brand build a personality. Brand voice will maintain the target audience to identify the brand with its personality; hence, it is important for a brand to have a brand voice. The voice is not just audio; it represents the personality with specific sets of vocabulary, characteristics, and value which are used to communicate with the external world. The brand voice must build loyalty, trust, and awareness among customers. Standards will help the brand voice to maintain consistency; every interaction must hold brand values and promises.

To build a uniform brand voice, it is ideal to set up and communicates branding strategies; all the strategy must be carried out consistently to gain proper results. The point of sale or packaging doesn’t decide the customer touch point, but the customer interaction with the company is every point of communication. The customers hear the brand voice, and the company must study the demographics and the exact needs of the customers to know how to sound pleasant to them. The customer must like the brand voice, so it must look unique, and it is beneficial for the brand if they easily recognize it. The vocabulary used must be easily understood and shouldn’t be robotic. The target audience must influence the voice. For example, if the brand is interacting with kids, the message should be conveyed subtly and directly. Stereotyping of the customer must be avoided while communicating with a particular group or community.

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Consistency is the key to set up proper communication; variation can be shown, but it should still follow the norms. Due to the desperation to improve, the brand must not lose its individuality and create confusion among its fan base. The brand voice can be derived from any source, but it must be curated and shared with any person who is communicating on your brand’s behalf. The voice must be developed to enhance your brand personality, but it must not become a burden or alter the brand. If the brand voice is complimenting your company, then it can be shared with other brands.

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