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Bravo's Strategic Procurement Technology Modifies Supply Chain Sector Globally

By CIOReview | Thursday, December 24, 2015

CHICAGO, IL: Bravo Solution, a strategic procurement technology provider unlocks the power of procurement for enhancing its continuous growing demand of procurement technology and services. Bravo Solution allows enterprises to transform operations and maximize performance with procurement technology.
“The C-suite is relying on procurement to create a competitive advantage and deliver sustainable business value,” says Jim Wetekamp, CEO, Bravo Solution. 

Bravo’s procurement technology supports more than 600 companies and 65,000 purchasing professionals by unlocking the power of procurement. The technology enables enterprises to produce more value, develop innovation and reduce risk.  Its upcoming platform, ‘Bravo Advantage’ includes effective modules such as Savings Management, Spend Analysis, Supplier Value Management, Sourcing and Sourcing Plus, Contract Lifecycle Management, Catalogue, Purchase Management, and Invoice Management. The effective features of Bravo Advantage authorize consumers to expand their business securely. Bravo Advantage helps organizations to generate more value, manage cost, risk and compliances. It automates the entire purchasing process by adding requisitions, approvals, POS (Point of Sale) and eliminates paper invoices through an easy-to-use web interface. “The expectations for procurement are as high as they have ever been, which has created immense urgency for organizations to transform operations and maximize performance,” adds Jim.

With this Strategic Procurement solution, Bravo allows customer to expand their business globally. It helps customer to influence supplier relationships by reducing risk and increasing value of the supply chain industry.